CASA-CHESS: Spanish language smartphone app to prevent relapse

The proposed project will purchase Smartphones and equip them with an enhanced version of CASA-CHESS, adapted and translated into Spanish from the Addiction Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System (A-CHESS), an evidence based practice. The proposed project will further expand care coordination using HIT and improve these disparities by:

  1. enhancing the CASA CHESS Smartphone app (e.g., integrating health information and overdose prevention, expanding bilingual content)
  2. broadening the availability of this enhanced app to all newly enrolled Spanish-speaking clients with AOD and MHD receiving integrated behavioral and primary health care (PBHCI) at Casa Esperanza and the expanded network of bilingual staff who serve them
  3. providing a mobile client EHR portal to increase client engagement in health care
  4. adding a provider dashboard to improve the timely management and quality of interactions with CASA-CHESS clients.

These project activities will improve access to primary care, rates of service utilization, and subsequent outcomes.


Jordan Muroff, PhD, Boston University – Principal Investigator