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Key Findings

A select list of key findings and publications from over 40 years of research.

Smartphone app reduces the risk of relapse from alcoholism treatment

JAMA Psychiatry, 2014: A Smartphone Application to Support Recovery From Alcoholism: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Improved symptom distress and increased life expectancy for lung cancer patients

Cancer, 2013: An eHealth system supporting palliative care for patients with non-small cell lung cancer: a randomized trial

NIATx process improvement model increases access to and retention in substance abuse treatment

Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2007: The Network for the Improvement of Addiction Treatment: Improving Access and Retention

Clinic-level coaching most effective at improving wait time and number of new patients for addiction treatment clinics

Addiction, 2013: Which elements of improvement collaboratives are most effective? A cluster-randomized trial

Four elements of a great healthcare system

JAMA, 2013: A Systems Engineer Meets the System

Computers can help kids cope with adolescence

Annual Review of Public Health, 1987: Computer-based health promotion: combining technological advances with problem-solving techniques to effect successful health behavior changes.

Predictive analytics adopted by State of Wisconsin to improve nursing home evaluations.

Public Health Reports, 1980: Measuring the quality of care in nursing homes

Computers can assess and accurately predict suicide-risk in patients.

American Journal of Psychiatry, 1973: A Computer Interview for Suicide-Risk Prediction