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Conviviendo con el Cancer de Seno is the Spanish translation of the CHESS “Living with Breast Cancer” project that has demonstrated benefits to patients in previous randomized clinical trials examining the English-language version.

The Need

Breast cancer causes the most deaths from cancer in Hispanic women, and survival rates are lower than other ethnicities. By adding Spanish-speaking women to other underserved demographic groups already benefiting from CHESS, the objectives of this project are to reduce health information disparities between Spanish-speaking breast cancer patients and other demographic groups as well as improved quality of life for Spanish speaking women with breast cancer.


This translation of the CHESS "Living with Breast Cancer" Program was conducted by a team from Mexico, Argentina and Venezuela. Additional assistance was provided by the Dane County Latino Health Council. Redes en Accion: The National Latino Cancer Network and the Center for Patient Partnerships also contributed to the translations. The site, which the largest, most comprehensive online source of online information and support Web site for Latina breast cancer patients and their family members available on the Internet today, is freely available to the public.

Principal Investigators:
Bret Shaw, Ph.D