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Continuing care is important in the management of patients with substance use disorders. Smartphone communication technology provides a novel way to provide personalized continuing care support following alcohol treatment. This R01 seeks to determine whether combining an automated smartphone-based recovery support system (ACHESS) with telephone continuing care sessions provided by a counselor (Telephone Monitoring and Counseling, TMC), improves outcomes over what can be achieved by either intervention alone.

Analyses will also test the main effects of each intervention, examine secondary outcomes, and test for hypothesized moderation and mediation effects. Cost effectiveness analyses will also be conducted. The findings will have major implications for policy decisions regarding efforts to improve the effectiveness and expand the availability of continuing care for alcohol use disorders.

Partners / Participant Sites

University of Pennsylvania

Funding Period:
July 5, 2014 - March 31, 2019
Principal Investigators:
David Gustafson Sr., Ph.D
James McKay, Ph.D.
Fiona McTavish