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Innovations for Recovery is an initiative designed to bring people, ideas, and technology together to improve outcomes in addiction treatment and recovery. Our unique approach involves seeking technology-based solutions to overcome roadblocks in the addiction treatment field with a focus on relapse prevention and aftercare outcomes.

The Need

It is well known that relapse following treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is common, and relapse rates for addictive diseases usually are in the range of 50% to 90%. Fortunately, research also indicates that many of these incidences are predictable and ultimately preventable if people in recovery are provided the support and tools they need. We have been exploring how technology can be used to improve outcomes in the addiction treatment and recovery field.


Innovations for Recovery has created a prototype of a technology-based relapse prevention system based on feedback from people in recovery, caregivers, recognized leaders in the addiction treatment and recovery field as well as other experts from diverse fields such as informatics, artificial intelligence, genetics, pharmaceuticals, psychology and behavioral medicine. The resulting relapse prevention model uses cost-effective, preexisting technologies to individually tailor treatment as needed and creates a social network of collaboration between people in recovery, their family/friends, and treatment professionals.

Funding Period:
February 1999
Principal Investigators:
David Gustafson Sr., Ph.D