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This six-month study will survey the field of webcasting to identify the state of the art in webcasting, both in and outside of healthcare, develop case examples of high-quality applications of this technology that can be used as models for the field, test some high-quality applications to get user reactions, and compile suggestions for the future use of webcasting in cancer communications.

The Need

Webcasting is a rapidly growing Internet source of entertainment and news, with 80 million Americans having tried it by the end of 2001. While much webcasting is used for entertainment, its growing success provides reason to believe that such programming could enhance cancer communications as both a source of information and social support.


CHESS is already being used in an NCI-supported research project* and subjects are being recruited to test its effectiveness. Like any behavior change program, CHESS needs to be as attractive and useful as possible to keep smokers coming back for more information and support. Webcasting offers a potentially important route for adding value. In order not to interfere with the current smoking relapse prevention clinical trial, current CHESS breast cancer module users, some of whom indicate they would like to quit smoking, will be sampled.

Principal Investigators:
David Gustafson Sr., Ph.D