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A-CHESS - A smartphone app to prevent relapse

A-CHESS (Addiction - Comprehensive Health Enhancement Support System) is a suite of services that promote positive behavior change and provide 24/7 support.

A-CHESS has been used by over 7,000 people and used by 60 treatment centers nationwide.

Some services include:
  • High Risk Locator: Helping patients stay sober by prompting them if they are near a place that could cause them to relapse.
  • Panic Button: Patients can navigate their cravings and notify others that they need support at any time.
  • Clinician Dashboard: Gives counselors a snapshot of how patients are doing and helps them connect with their patient's recovery.


You have a friend there. You are carrying around a bunch of people that are going through the same things you are.
- Study Participant

A-CHESS helps me in identifying ways to help the client. I can direct them to information in the app and it also keeps me updated with them and knowing how they are doing.
- Counselor


A Brief History of A-CHESS Results

  • 2008

    First version of A-CHESS was built for alcohol dependent patients in residential treatment (2008-2013)

    Randomized Clinical Trial Results: A-CHESS, relative to treatment-as-usual, significantly reduced risky drinking days and increased abstinence.

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  • 2011

    Building a research consortium with treatment agencies (2011-2016)

    15 agencies and 750 clients participated in a multi-year study of A-CHESS. 8 of which used A-CHESS for research studies with the following results. After using A-CHESS:
    • Women with substance use disorders living in an impoverished rural setting stayed in treatment nearly 5 months longer.
    • Total readmissions for active participants decreased by 71% for at-risk Veterans living in rural environments.
    • Drug Court participants reported more engagement with recovery services and reduced transportation problems.
    • The number of Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing clients abstaining from using alcohol or illegal drugs increased from 48.3% at intake to 67.4% at 6 month follow-up.
  • 2012

    Seva: Testing how A-CHESS can be disseminated to treatment centers (2012-2017)

    Implementation Research Trial Results: Patients had significant improvements in:
    • risky drinking days
    • illicit drug-use days
    • quality of life
    • human immunodeficiency virus screening rates
    • number of hospitalizations
    However, integrating A-CHESS into a treatment center's workflows and paying for it was found to be a challenge.

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Ongoing Projects