About the Center

At CHESS, we are dedicated to translating cutting-edge research into tangible solutions that help individuals, families, and organizations. Our work spans various domains, from pioneering advancements in cancer care to revolutionizing addiction treatment and enhancing the quality of life for older adults.

For patients and their loved ones, CHESS leverages technology to transform the health care experience. Whether it’s providing support during treatment, facilitating communication with healthcare providers, or offering resources for coping and resilience, our innovative solutions are designed to empower individuals on their health journey and enhance overall quality of life.

But our impact extends beyond the individual level. For healthcare and human services organizations, CHESS offers expertise in NIATx, a process improvement and organizational change model.

CHESS is  also at the forefront of the emerging field of implementation science, bridging the gap between research and practice by identifying and addressing barriers that hinder the adoption of proven health interventions and evidence-based practices.

Overview and History

CHESS was one of the earliest research sites to pioneer health information and communication technologies using personal computers. Today,  we’re developing cutting-edge mobile apps to help individuals and families manage complex healthcare challenges. Our commitment to innovation extends to developing NIATx, a process improvement model that has helped human services organizations streamline processes and enhance patient outcomes.

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