From pioneering computer-based support systems to a process improvement model for human services based on concepts from manufacturing and other unexpected sources, CHESS has been a trailblazer in health systems innovation for over two decades.

CHESS Solutions

A-CHESS and FAM-CHESS are e-health interventions offering recovery support for individuals with substance use disorder and their families. Our research is testing their impact on problematic use, relapse rates, and family functioning.

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NIATx is a package of tools and techniques that helps organizations improve their systems and processes. Over the past two decades, thousands of organizations have used NIATx tools to improve access, retention, and treatment outcomes.

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ElderTree aims to enhance the well-being and quality of life for older adults, fostering connections and supporting health through a voice-controlled lap-top or other smart display.

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Picture of smiling person wearing glasses“Innovation in healthcare isn’t just about technology. It’s about transforming systems and improving lives through creative solutions and relentless dedication to better results.”

David H. Gustafson,
Director, Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies

Picture of person in blue shirt smiling. “Implementation science is the bridge that connects research with real-world practice so that evidence-based interventions reach the people who need them most. By testing how best to integrate research findings into everyday healthcare settings, we can maximize the impact on patient outcomes.”

Todd Molfenter
Research Scientist, Center for Health Enhancement Systems Studies